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Suspenceful Fate

I sat and tried to stay relaxed. I hated flying and it aggravated my anxiety. The sweating was so gross that it embarrassed me.

Ignore these intruding thoughts. Focus on my breathing.

Woof. The sound as a man exits the toilets, his bad BO and clearly blowing up the bathroom hit me like a two by four.

It was fawl. The stench made my eyes water. I wiped at the tears and fanned my face to ignore that smell.

My eyes practically bulged out the sockets. There was a figure staring at me. It's head went from vertical to horizontal as those dead eyes bore into me.

I clasped the arm-rest to calm me. This was some type of hallucination. My mind is playing tricks on me to help me get over the smell.

Why a demon I had no idea.

The thing grinned. Its teeth are pearly white and massive. The smile reminds me of Drake's. Wide and covering half its face.

My heart raced. The sweating started, I started counting to ten. Outloud, I no longer carried this fear alone. The woman next to me seemed to suddenly notice my fit.

"Help!" She calls out.

A stewardess comes over to inspect the looney. The creature stepped closer, I practically jumped out of my seat to escape.

Foolishly, I forgot to unbuckle my seat. I was trapped. She put her arms on my shoulders to ease me back in the seat.

Words escaped me. What to do?

The thing chuckled and pointed to me. I somehow felt better. It skipped down the aisle toward the cockpit.

Cockpit. Someone has a dirty mind. I felt my sweating ease up. A smile spread across my own face, cockpit was a obscene word that made no sense.

"Are you okay, now?" the stewardess asked me.

My body felt back in control for the moment. I nodded, "I could use some water please."

She sighed, trying to prevent herself from rolling her eyes as she walked to the back of the plane to the galley to get me water probably.

The lady next to me squeezed my hand. When I looked over to thank her. Her aqua-blue eyes made my heart flatline. She was knockout gorgeous.

"I think you saved my life," I tried badly to flirt.

"Do you have a concession?" she teased.

I smiled. My whole life changed at that moment.

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