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My Top Five

I have been writing for years and I am amazed at the amount I have created so far. These books have a special connection to me. I may have mentioned them before, but here i the complete story.

Delightful Life Complications was my first attempt at writing horror. My one dream was to write a great horror story. I wrote this and didn't like it. Years later, I picked up this story and began to edit it. The ending was not satisfying at first. In the end, years later with time and perspective; I am proud that I attempted to write it. It is and will always be my first love. We can not get to where we want to go without first stumbling. That was a lesson I learned from this process.

Cyrosphere, my first full novella. What can I say? This was my passion project for so long that it seems like yesterday when I first started. Now, looking back, I am amazed and honored to have told such a compelling story. This is where I understood the heart of storytelling. I watched Xena and knew that Gabrielle was the huge character arc that made me love character development. I also was inspired by Buffy's Willow. Both these women started off as the "side-kick" but became something else by the end of the series. I wanted to do the same in one strong female and did. A huge accomplishment.

Torn Lineage is my first project after finishing Cyrosphere. It is a spin off series. What makes it so special is how I progressed as a writer from years of writing and finally finding my voice. Not just my voice, but my genre of choice- fantasy. I can tell so much with magic.

Defects was inspired out of thin air. I was in the midst of writing the series Torn Lineage and my muse said, hold up, I got more ideas that need to be writing. After finishing the Torn Lineage series, I felt complete with those character like I did with Cyrosphere. Now with Defects, I wanted to leave the story finished and not yet wrapped up in a neat, tidy bow. This made me push myself as a writer and what I could accomplish. I am glad for the development and still trying to find a balance of creative freedom and exploration.

Commingling Bliss and Destruction is amazing. Here is a book I wrote over ten years ago and have not looked at since. It was in my rear window and forgotten as I try to find progression in my writing skills. Lately I have hired independent editors to take my old work and polish it for present day consumption. When I say WOW, oh wow. I love what I wrote and I wrote a series of erotica around people who are so sweet. Now that I am having the entire series polished and edited, each installment is powerful and compelling. It just tells me how much of an writer I am and have always been. This is my legacy.

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